The Youth Ingredient you want in your beauty cupboard 

What is the criteria of youthful skin? Studies have shown that people tend to look at complexion as one of the first signs of healthy skin - and a tell-tale sign of age. The clearer the complexion, the more youthful someone must be. The study revealed we then look at skin laxity (bounce) and brightness. There's one ingredient that can do ALL of this.. 

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A serum for Bootcamp, A serum for brunch

From bootcamp to brunch, and all the days in-between, these are the best ingredients to look out for in a serum. A Serum is the solution to easy, effortless skincare and a natural, healthy glow. The right serum can even cure your skin from a hangover. 

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Spring Health: The best anti-inflammatory foods + combinations

Spring Wellness: The best antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods and simple food combinations for an easy daily boost of antioxidants, flavonoids, and polyphenols, to reduce the effects of free-radical damage, stress, and systemic inflammation naturally. 

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The 6 Spring Skin Essentials

As we approach Spring we're all thinking about shedding the layers & revealing healthy, glowing skin in the warmer months. Here are Qi's top Healthy Tips to feeling summer fresh. 

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Telomeres and Ageing

Best foods for Telomere health: 

Foods rich in antioxidants; Goji berries, Wild blueberries, Dark chocolate, Pecans, Artichoke, Elderberries, Kidney beans and Cranberries. Studies show that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, and plant based diet's increase the length of Telomeres. 

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Skin Rehab for everyday Glowy-Skin

Once skin flora is restored, you will notice an improvement in the health and vitality of your skin, and your treatment results will be even better. Ideal for post-skin care following Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, IPL skin resurfacing, or if you're a long time DIY glycolics and retinol user.


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The Science of Ingredients

Skin Care is the synergy of ingredients; hand selected for their ability to work harmoniously to improve skin health, function and appearance. We know that peptides require other peptides to work effectively, and astringents coupled with oils delivers hydration and tonifying benefits; so what are some of the best skin care ingredients on the market and what do they do? 

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DMAE Benefits for Anti-Ageing

DMAE is an antioxidant membrane stabiliser, with consistent application, studies show significant improvement in the appearance of the following common areas of ageing: DMAE treats Coarse wrinkles, Under-eye dark circles, Nasolabial folds, Sagging neck skin and improves neck firmness. 

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Winter Skin Care Ritual: Beautiful, hydrated skin all winter

The Art of Serums: Winter Skin Care 

Learn how to layer your serums and use your existing skin care products to nourish your skin this winter  

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9 Natural Skin-Boosting Foods You Can Eat Daily

The best Anti-Ageing Foods 

9 anti-ageing foods that are good for your skin 

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Setting Goals: What Do I Want?

What Kind of Woman do I want to be? 

An empowering, maybe daunting question; but the truth is that we have the power to be whoever we want to be - we have the power to change what we want to change, we have the power to age the way we want to age  

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7 signs of skin distress 

7. Strengthening the lip line for a more defined lip and more full appearance can give a youthful glow back to the face. Treat the lip line by layering serums

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Control the way you age with just one DIY product

What's your go-to product to stimulate collagen and elastine; facilitate the movement of fluids towards the surface to reduce the appearance of lines & loss of volume; naturally boost the volume of your lips & checks with customized face mapping to lift eye sag & restore your youthful glow for healthy, vibrant skin? 

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Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network CEO Tina Viney interviews Qi beauty Founder Kathy Pedersen

In this interview APAN CEO Tina Viney and Qi beauty founder Kathy Pedersen discuss how creating Static Magnetic Fields in beauty treatments fits in to the aesthetics and wellness industry.

"The lipid bilayer, always known to be selectively permeable, is instantly responsive to SMF. Increased permeation of both hydro and lipophilic substances triggers increased amino acid, enzyme and neuropeptide activity. This is seen within 15 to 20 minutes of application of the SMF, as skin firms to touch and gains bounce”.

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