Control the way you age with just one DIY product

What's your go-to product to stimulate collagen and elastine; facilitate the movement of fluids towards the surface to reduce the appearance of lines & loss of volume; naturally boost the volume of your lips & checks with customized face mapping to lift eye sag & restore your youthful glow for healthy, vibrant skin? 

The Visual Characteristics of Diminished Collagen and Elastin

The Visual Characteristics of Diminished Collagen and Elastin, are the most common expressions of ageing. Starting with poor structural integrity exhibiting and thin skin density, causing... 

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Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network CEO Tina Viney interviews Qi beauty Founder Kathy Pedersen

In this interview APAN CEO Tina Viney and Qi beauty founder Kathy Pedersen discuss how creating Static Magnetic Fields in beauty treatments fits in to the aesthetics and wellness industry.

"The lipid bilayer, always known to be selectively permeable, is instantly responsive to SMF. Increased permeation of both hydro and lipophilic substances triggers increased amino acid, enzyme and neuropeptide activity. This is seen within 15 to 20 minutes of application of the SMF, as skin firms to touch and gains bounce”.

Treating Acne: A Practitioners Perspective 

Most Acne sufferers seek to determine underlying causes for their condition and look to complementary therapies to help balance hormones, provide dietary advice, advise skin care programs, provide stress lowering treatments, treat underlying tissue damage and fix the skin barrier.

I like to outline the process of sebum excretion and changes in activity to educate the patient about contributing factors and to debunk any myths they may have about Acne formation. I feel that a physiological explanation of sebum and skin takes some of the pressure away from the sense of failure young adults often have about the appearance of their skin... 

Why your skin needs Hydrate Serum

Hydrate features Pear Peptide, Organic Siberian Ginseng, Rice Proteins, Silk Amino Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate (HA). 

We all know the dewy, glowy, youthful radiance that hydrated skin possesses, the Qi beauty Hydrate serum contains elite active ingredients to hydrate skin from below the surface and retain moisture for up to 8 hours. 

Pearl has been used for over 2000 years for it's ability to improve skin tone. The active Pearl Peptide delivers a brighter and luminous complexion. 

6 Ingredients To Reduce Hyper Pigmentation

Natural solutions for hyper-pigmentation: 

Raspberry seed oil extract. Studies reveal oil extracted from the raspberry seed possesses natural UVA sun-filtration ability to help protect skin from sun induced damage*. 

Pomegranate for skin luminosity

Bearberry is a natural hypo-pigmenting component that studies have proven to naturally even skin tone


The 5 pillars of healthy skin

Qi beauty skin recovery systems (Facial Treatment and Home Kit) assist the function of the skin to trigger natural, biological Healing Responses.

  • Moving collagen and elastin upwards 
  • Assist biological skin recovery from the inside, and 
  • To render skin Energetic 
3 lifestyle factors women need to watch, and the emotional factor we don't talk about

3 lifestyle factors women need to watch, and the emotional factor we don't talk about  

3 important lifestyle factors women need to pay attention to as they age include metabolic syndromes, Arthritis and Osteoporosis, but we also need to prioritise our emotional and mental wellbeing.



My, what beautiful Skin Flora you have

The study also suggested that natural ways to reduce the affects of inflammation triggered by an imbalance in the gut microbiome and skin flora, are diets containing...