Qi basics

Qi basics


If you like to keep it simple with maximum results. Skin care with Actives and Nutrients.

Clarity cleanser
Intense Oil
Hydrate Serum

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If you like a simple ritual packed with nutrients for skin health. Organic and natural ingredients culminate to a hydrating and replenishing skin care regime for skin harmony.

Clarity: Made with Organics. Clarity features Broadleaf paperbark, Frankincense, Sandalwood extract and Jojoba Oil

Intense: Made with Organics. Multi purpose Oil. Intense Oil features Sea Buckthorn Oil with over 190 nutritional compounds including Omega 3,6,7, and 9. Intense Oil is a superfood for skin, it assists reducing redness, inflammation, skin irritations, skin damage and assists the extracellular matrix collagen formation.

Qi Tip: Try using intense oil as a skin potter before applying makeup, and to assist makeup removal without causing skin irritation. Add intense Oil two any product to increate the nutritional value.

Hydrate: Active Serum. Multi Purpose Serum. Hydrate features Sodium Hyaluronate, Pearl Peptide and Silk Amino Acid. This serum will provide a boost of hydration to skin all day, and give skin a silky smooth, soft and pearly glow finish.

Qi Tip: Try using Hydrate as a skin primer before applying makeup.