intense oil -  énorme huiler 15ml

intense oil -  énorme huiler 15ml


intense oil -  énorme huiler

Made with Organics. Certified Australian Made

Intense oil featuring Australian Virgin Jojoba Oil and Australian SBT oil. 190 nutritional compounds nourish, restore and condition skin for serious daily skincare.

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Skin Conditioning Nutrient. intense oil -  énorme huiler

Organic Jojoba Oil + Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil 

The Co2 extraction method ensures pure extraction of the oil from the sea buckthorn berry. Organic Jojoba Oil is blended to create a unique formula with over 190 nutritional compounds to nourish skin. 

Intense is an  anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial oil that balances the sebum production to help normalise oily skin conditions. using the Intense oil to will assist to reduce breakouts, and excess oil production.

Intense oil is good for all skin types and skin conditions. It is an anti-inflammatory, and reduces redness. It can be used at night following the home kit application. It can also be used as a primer to protect skin before applying makeup or sunscreen. It will give skin a hint of glow, without leaving an oily residue.

For healthy, normal skin use 3-4 drops x1-2 weekly. For congested, acne prone skin use 3-4 drops 3 x weekly. For mature skin, dehydrated skin use 3-4 drops

Qi Ritual

 Intense oil can be added to all skin care products (excluding serums) to increase the nutritional benefits of the product. For people with sensitive skin (reactive, red, inflamed) add 1-2 drops of intense oil to all products (nourish cream, day cream, clarity, eye cream) to calm skin.  Intense Oil is the best product for people with sensitive skin.