Complete Home Kit REFILL

Complete Home Kit REFILL


Qi beauty REFILL Kit

Magnetic Skin Recovery System  

Each Kit Includes: 

  • 72 treatments following the Original Qi beauty Face Map
  • 2x Qi beauty Travel Spritz 7ml

This Kit is a REFILL kit only. It does not contain Qi beauty Face Maps or Matrix Collection. For the Matrix collection see the Original Qi beauty Home Kit 

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Qi beauty DIY Skin Recovery

Magnetic Skin Recovery Systems to give skin Energy to Recover  

Home Kit REFILL includes 

2x mini travel spritz
82x DIY treatments following 12 point Face Matrix 

This kit does NOT include any Qi beauty Face Map Matrix. For the Matrix collection purchase the Qi beauty Home Kit

Qi beauty Home Kit is a 3 month supply of DIY Anti-Aging treatments to stimulate natural skin repair for health, vitality, and radiant skin

How to use your Refill Kit 

Following The Matrix Collection ( Included in the Home Kit Activate) continue stimulating skin to increase the natural energy and vitality of your skin. 


Ageing is the inability for skin to repair. Give skin the Kick-Start it needs to naturally recover.

-Kathy Pedersen, Qi beauty Founder

Healthy, Glowing Skin starts with Qi.