Beauty Tool Home Kit: All-In-One Organic Magnetic Skin System, refill

Beauty Tool Home Kit: All-In-One Organic Magnetic Skin System, refill


All-In-One Organic Magnetic Skin System, Refill Kit Only

Magnetic Patch System to Bring your skin to life

  • 70 treatments following the Original Qi beauty Face Map

  • 2 x 7ml Facial Mist

    This Kit is a REFILL kit only. It does not contain Qi beauty Face Maps or Matrix Collection. For the Matrix collection see the Home Kit Activate

Qi beauty Protocols are based on 6 years of clinical testing of skin recovery and anti-ageing. The Home Kit is a combination of Eastern Medicine Facial Meridians - the way energy circulates, and the biological effects of Static Magnetic Fields for skin mobility.

- Static Magnetic Fields work below the surface, connecting as a Matrix to stimulate tissue to tighten, tone, lift, and encourage optimal skin function.

- Treat mature and premature lines and wrinkles to reduce the size and depth, even before they form.

- Suitable for all skin types

- Specific points help redefine cheekbones

- Matrix to strengthen the lip line

- Skin is energised with stimulation of SMF, making your favourite and best skincare products work even better

- Face Matrix is applied based on your facial landscape so your results are personalised.

- Can be customised to target a specific concern.

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Editor notes

One kit has 50 treatments, with included 3 Matrix designs for different treatments. Anti-Age, Lip Lift, Eye Lift. Plus Qi beauty will customise a Matrix designed just for you. You can you use Qi beauty with your existing products, and you will probably notice an immediate improvement in your skin. While we might be using the best products on the market, if our skin is lacking kinetics, we have slow, sluggish skin. It’s like investing in a $500 pair of jeans so we don’t have to do squats. Qi beauty are the Squats. The Qi beauty Home Kit means you can use simple products and minimal highlighter, because your skin is already glowing.