Complete Home Kit ACTIVATE

Complete Home Kit ACTIVATE


Qi beauty ACTIVATE Home Kit

Magnetic Skin Recovery System  

  • 50 treatments following the Original Qi beauty Face Map Matrix
  • 1 X Qi beauty refillable Natural and Made with Organics Moisturising Toner, Travel Spritz, 7ml


Exclusive to the Qi beauty Home Kit ACTIVATE is The Matrix Collection

  • The Matrix Collection featuring: 
  • Qi beauty Beauty Lift Face Matrix
  • Qi beauty Lip Lift Face Matrix
  • Qi beauty Eye Lift Face Matrix
  • Qi beauty Detox Face Matrix
  • Learn Qi beauty's techniques for How to Treat a Line
  • Qi beauty Sensitive Skin Face Matrix
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Magnetic Skin Recovery to give skin Energy to Recover 

Qi beauty Home Kit is a 3 month supply of DIY Anti-Aging treatments to stimulate natural skin repair for health, vitality, and radiant skin

How to use your Home Kit

Use your Home Kit following The Matrix Collection Face Maps. Qi beauty's protocols for beauty lift, eye lift, lip lift and techniques to treat a line or wrinkle. 

Customise your Face Map at checkout for personalized Age-Control, or follow Qi beauty's original Face Maps for the best results. 


Aging is a result of accumulative damage and the inability for skin to repair as it once did. Give skin the Kick-Start it needs to naturally recover.

Healthy, Glowing Skin starts with Qi