DIY Micro-Patch Home Kit

DIY Micro-Patch Home Kit


Qi beauty Home Kit

Using Micro-Patches to stimulate the Natural Healing Response

3 month supply

The ultimate DIY anti-ageing treatment, ONE treatment costs only $1.90! Each Home Kit contains 50 treatments and lasts 3 months following the Qi beauty Face Map and easy instructions. Age control and skin health is easy with the disposable Home Kit system.

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Qi beauty's quick 12-point matrix for skin recovery 

Skin desquamation (the skin cell renewal process) occurs every 6 weeks. When skin cells are replaced by new cells, they are replaced by a cell that possess the memory of the previous cell - the health, the damage, the energy and vitality is the same as the previous cell.

Train your skin to repair.  

How to use your Home Kit

Use your Home Kit for 6 weeks following the Qi beauty instructions. After skin is active you can decrease usage depending on age, presenting skin conditions and treatment. Speak to Qi beauty about personalising your home kit to target specific concerns or conditions. 

Home Kit Options

  • Use your Home Kit for an hour before a special event or occasion. An eye-lift, lip-lift, quick detox treatment, or relaxing face mask to give skin an instant glow. 
  • Use your Home Kit overnight, for a simple, seamless fuss-free anti-aging treatment. Remove upon waking & enjoy beautiful glowing skin all day. 
  • Use your Home Kit express, double your Matrix and stimulate skin for 3-4 hours, an easy daytime pamper & skin treatment

Qi beauty Home Kit is a 3 month supply of DIY Anti-Aging treatments to stimulate natural skin repair for health, vitality, and radiant skin


Aging is a result of accumulative damage...
.. and the inability for skin to repair as it once did