What You Say

Reviews and feedback from the women who have used Qi beauty for over 10 years for age-control, to feel amazing about how they look, and age with health and vitality!


Tamara McPhan, Gold Coast

“After having a Qi Beauty facial yesterday personalised to Acne and congested skin, all I can say is WOW!

The impurities have never come out of my skin so easily, there is no redness or breakouts and my skin feels lighter and fresher. The cystic spots appear to be reducing and are no longer painful. I couldn't be happier with the result.

Thank you so much for a truly spectacular product and I cannot wait for my next facial x x x”


Margot Robbie, Actress Gold Coast, Australia.

“My favourite Qi Product - can’t live without it!”


-Rebecca Haas, Owner “Qi Radiance’ Perth, WA. Acupuncturist and Naturopath

“Improvement in various skin conditions, lines and wrinkles and clients looking younger and healthier was very apparent from just one session, like nothing else I had ever seen, leaving me feeling confident to start immediately after the Practitioner Training with Kathy Pedersen.

A year and a half later, over half my business comes from Qi beauty treatments, and the results and feedback from happy clients continues to be amazing. I am so glad to be a part of the Qi beauty family, personally for myself, for my clients and the growth of my business “


Linda Langenegger, Medical Aesthetician at Affinity Health Clinic, Canada.

“Before she began Qi beauty she would cry because she hated the way she looked. Now she just glows and is smiling all the time. She is wearing lipstick again for the first time in years.”


Eli Huang, Acupuncturist. Sydney, Australia

"Kathy is a great mentor, trainer and friend. She is always there for me whenever I have questions or need products. She has great business acumen and goes out of her way to do what she can to help with the business of Qi beauty. I am so happy to have discovered Qi beauty and appreciate how it has helped my business by giving it a unique edge over my competitors! It introduced new clients to my clinic and also expanded my existing clientele to experience a new, exciting treatment with instant results."


Bella Ryan, Gold Coast

“OMG! We used the ionic remove tonight and i’ve never felt my skin so soft! Especially Euans (my Fiancé), he has such huge pores and very textured skin. Wow I can’t wait to show and tell everyone about it! Xx


Karen Di Nicola, Acupuncturist, Coffs Harbour, Australia

"The Qi Beauty System has allowed my practice to expand as it gives a true alternative for those clients who may be reticent about needles but are keen and interested to do something about the aging process. I find that once a client has had a treatment they want to book again. They also want to know more about the Patch System and the other products in the range."

I tried the Lip Lift and Noticed the next morning how plump the entire area was!! using it again tonight!
— Bella Ryan, Gold Coast

Richard Jensen, Gold Coast

”Amazing product!! Im not one for beauty and skin but when the wife insisted i try her magic QI fade after a break out pre work conference i was amazed at how it helped my skin over night! 5 stars!”


Jeanine Chell, Owner Facial Alchemy, New Zealand.

Qi Beauty has been the most amazing find for me 16 years into my career as a facialist, and 8 years as CST practitioner. The training was incredible - Kathy is a pioneer and absolute expert in skin health, she’s so ahead of her time. I have had the most amazing support and guidance from both Kathy and Taara I couldn’t ask for more.

I knew when I discovered Qi beauty I had to act fast as it was something very special and it has completely surpassed my already high expectations. Since introducing to my clinic my revenue has increased by almost doubling. I am getting so booked up I can see for the first time that taking on another staff member will be necessary. My clients are all rebooking and pre-paying for courses for Qi beauty, I haven’t every advertised it yet and I am already heavily booked.

It has been an absolute game changer. It is completely unique, the results are incredible even after just one treatment, it is holistic and healthy for the skin which is the most important thing for me, it is very relaxing and it looks absolutely stunning.

Taara and Kathy I can not thank you enough this treatment is taking over everything I do and I am learning to look at the skin in a whole new way.