Qi beauty wellness + beauty events are an experience. 

$150pp redemable in product on the day.

Walk out feeling confident  

  • Recognise the elemental changes of your skin

  • Understand how TCM philosophies apply to skin wellness as we age

  • Learn the signs and symptoms of premature ageing

  • Understand the science of ageing: The Bioelectric System

  • Get more Action out of your cosmetics

Exciting and Educational workshops to give you new knowledge about skin and the ageing process

Exclusive to the Gold Coast, the Qi beauty 1/2 day workshops present The Quantum Face of Beauty to empower women to understand the bio-electric system of the skin to manipulate and control the skin ageing process.

Get the Quantum Scoop

  • skin wellness

  • industry shifts in anti-ageing practices

  • preventative anti-ageing

  • how and why skin conditions emerge

  • Kathy's own methods for manipulating the bio-electric function of the skin

  • stimulating natural skin recovery 

Be empowered with industry knowledge and Quantum Skin Science from Qi beauty founder Kathy Pedersen


Qi beauty workshops are packed with new knowledge about how skin changes, and how we can control the way we age by harnessing your Bio-Electric System combining Modern Science and Ancient Art of Alchemy.

Qi beauty Event include

The latest knowledge about beauty and wellness
A healthy decadent morning tea
VIP membership for 15% off all Qi beauty Products purchased online.

$155per person redeemable in product on the day. 

The perfect girls day!

Email Taara   taara@qibeautyinternational.com.au  for bookings or call 0421992722