Skin Needs Energy to Recover


"In health, our quest for quality of life and vitality - that is energy, is everything. As we age, the diminishing ability to repair signals the loss of energy to do so."

- Kathy Pedersen, Founder Qi beauty International 


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We want sustainable rituals that enhance our skin, without undermining the natural nature of our beauty. Accumulative results protects the nature of our skin, and offers us the ability to enhance our skin, enhance our recovery process, and enhance the nature of our beauty.  

We are committed to the LIFE of skin; skin care, health, wellbeing, and rituals that bring skin to life. 

Kathy Pedersen is the creator of Qi beauty. Her passion and commitment to providing accumulative skincare; to offer age-control, and wholistic anti-ageing, is what drives Qi beauty to constantly evolve and adapt to suit the lives of women around the world. 

The Home Kit is Your way to control the way you age. We all want healthy, energetic, and glowing skin - at every age.

The Home Kit is a DIY beauty tool that stimulates your skin for energetic recovery. 

Qi beauty is a system that delivers ENERGY for optimal skin performance-  recovery and health. We believe skin can recover at every age, provided it has the energy it to do so. Qi beauty Home Kit, Australian Made Skincare products and the signature Qi beauty Facial Treatments are a combination of TCM philosophy and the Quantum principles of energy. 

 Qi beauty was created in 2006 by Kathy Pedersen, her passion for sustainable age-control led her to explore the principles of ageing, wellness and beauty, to create a treatment that is both pro-recovery, and anti-ageing. Qi beauty uses Kathy Pedersen’s methods of Static Magnetic Stimulation with gauss specific magnets, designed specifically for use in the Qi beauty Facial Treatment. Kathy Pedersen is a passionate business woman, entrepreneur and Principle international trainer for Qi beauty. 

We are committed to offering people of all ages a natural means to promote positive ageing and skin health. 

Qi beauty combines Static Magnetic Fields, quantum physics, over 3000 years of Oriental Medicine Philosophy and the Medicinal Properties of Gold to offer people of all ages sustainable skin health.

The foundations of Qi beauty were born from sustainability, biology and the everyday needs of the modern woman. Qi beauty follows the principles of  Oriental Medicine, and helps to treat the cause, not just the symptom.

"working with the bio-electric system, we are able to stimulate the intra-cellular network of connective compounds to support the recovery potential of skin."

High-precision positioning of a Qi beauty Matrix can be used to assist the movement of dermal fluids to where they need to be for the best anti-ageing results. 

Qi beauty micro-magnets are the core element used to stimulate biological recovery (anti-aging) processes. It is a treatment that combines Eastern and Western principles of health and science, artfully threaded into a system that works for men and women around the world. 

Qi beauty has been the go-to for women around the world for over 10 years. As we become more aware of our own energy, our own qi, it feels natural to stimulate our inner qi for skin health and positive aging.

About Kathy Pedersen

The relationship between the bio-electric system and skin is the foundations of Kathy’s internationally accredited course, Qi beauty Intensive Training, Advanced Training, Master Training and Trainer Courses, available in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Kathy is an International Speaker, Certified Trainer, and Business Mentor, specialising in the relationship between skin health, the Bio-electic system and High Gradient Static Magnetic Fields in Beauty Application. Kathy has presented Qi beauty in aesthetic applications at conferences around Australia and New Zealand.