Privacy Policy



All information you share with Qi beauty International is private and confidential. We do not hold credit card details, or personal information on Nor do we share your information with third party affiliates. 


Qi beauty International pty. ltd. uses Stripe for its online credit card transactions. Stripe is a leading provider of payment solutions whose software, systems and procedures have been assessed and certified to PCI Data Security Standards. Through Stripe, Qi beauty international Pty. Ltd. does not have access to your card number as this credit card payment is secured by Stripe. Credit card information is encrypted and stored in a system completely isolated from Stripe. At no time is unencrypted card data stored on disk either inside Stripe's system or in the card storage system. Internally, card information is referenced only through the use of a token. The token is not derived from card information in any way. Visit the Stripe website for more information on online credit card payments.