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Become A Qi beauty Practitioner.

Qi beauty is the first treatment to use Static Magnetic Fields in Aesthetic Application.

Eastern Medicine and Quantum Skin Biology .


Become a Qi beauty Practitioner

“It is established that Qi beauty treatments are progressive and based on sustaining the energy of cells and strengthening of skin to raise it to a higher regenerative state. Historically, clients are committed to maintaining their qi circulation for the visual anti-age benefits. Qi beauty training takes practitioners through the cycles of progressive treatments according to age, health/lifestyle factors and previous damage to prescribe viable treatment plans.”


Become a Qi beauty Practitioner
Level One and Two Training


Qi beauty uses Controlled Magnetic Gradients within a Static Magnetic Field based on Presenting skin conditions and facial landscape, to manipulate and direct the movement of dermal fluids to create volume in specific areas for Skin Health Recovery.


Grow your Knowledge and develop your skills with Qi beauty Advanced Training


Qi beauty's Skin Health Recovery Protocols, are based on 13 years of research, studies and development by Qi beauty Founder, Kathy Pedersen. Supplementary case studies have been conducted and supplied by other Practitioners of TCM, Skin Anatomy and Physiology, in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.


Qi beauty offers professional and personal growth with self-driven business options.


Qi beauty Trainer Training.

Join a global network of passionate, skilled and knowledgeable practitioners that educate and inspire like-minded therapists.


"Every now and then you come across something that is truly excellent. I had, for some time, wanted to introduce a facial rejuvenation protocol to my acupuncture and naturopathy practice. The concern I had was that using traditional acupuncture (that is, needles) seemed to put off some of the women who would be potential candidates. After some months I sat down and thought about what I was trying to achieve. I decided that any protocol I used must pass the mirror test – that is, when a client looks at the result they must see a genuine improvement at a glace. Provide a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Produce a genuine improvement to the health of the skin – not merely superficial. Be seen by clients as value for money.

Then I found Kathy Pedersen and the Qi beauty Facial on the web – everything looked impressive … maybe too impressive. After dithering for I while I decided that there was nothing to lose by finding out a bit more. I’m so glad I did … I went to Kathy’s clinic on the Gold Coast for two days Intensive One to One training. The program was intensive, well organized and thorough. I was impressed by the thoroughness with which the whole Qi Beauty Facial process and supporting products had been developed and tested. And, needless to say, I was impressed with the results. Since putting my new skills into practice back in my own clinic I can confirm the Qi beauty facials achieve my four “musts”. Kathy is an energetic, sincere and dedicated person and she has followed up with extraordinary after sales service to me. I know I can fully rely on her into the future and I am looking forward to a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.

The Qi Beauty Facial process is based on TCM principles, as such it fits very comfortably into an acupuncture practice. If you are looking for an innovative and successful facial rejuvenation process – get in touch with Kathy."

Heather Newbold – NHD, Adv Dip (Acup). Queensland, Australia.


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