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ActiV88 SKIN Serums.

Four unique formulas possessing hand selected ingredients to target the top priorities to boost the appearance of skin.

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hydration + texture

/ hydrate serum with pearl peptide + silk amino acid + Siberian Ginseng.


facial tissue elasticity + collagen formation

/anti-age serum with hyaluronic acid+ DMAE.ea + matrixyl3000 + heptapeptide + CoQ10

Apply your conditioning product in order of their molecular structure. Light to Heavy. where your heavier creams act as a defensive barrier.

  1. cleanse - Clarity cleanser - 125ml

  2. Spritz with a hydrating facial mist - Qi beauty Spritz - 125ml

  3. Serum and allow to absorb - Qi beauty ActiV88 - 30ml

  4. oil - Qi beauty intense - 15ml

  5. moisturiser - Nourish and Day - 60ml

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de-puff + reduce fine lines

/eye serum with coffee bean + heptapeptide + cucumber + green tea

Serums offer a new dimension of care to your skin.

Serums offer deeper skin penetration with a light-weight formula designed to access skin further than a cream or moisturiser. The molecular structure of the ingredients in Qi beauty serums are designed to work within deeper skin layers.

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tone + pigmentation


fade serum Herbal formula with bearberry extract + vitamin E + liquorice + pomegranate

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