Skin Needs Energy to recover

Qi is Energy

In health, our quest for quality of life and vitality - that is qi, is everything.

As we age, the diminishing ability to repair signals the loss of energy to do so - the loss of qi. 

Qi beauty represents a new age of skin care, combining Static Magnetic Fields, quantum physics, over 3000 years of Oriental Medicine Philosophy and the Medicinal Properties of Gold to offer people of all ages a natural means to promote positive aging and skin health. 

The foundations of Qi beauty were born from sustainability, biology and the everyday needs of the modern woman. Qi beauty follows the principles of  Oriental Medicine, and helps to treat the cause of disharmony (think skin pH and micro-flora) of the skin.

 In 2003 Kathy Pedersen, founder of Qi beauty, decided it was time beauty and wellness were united and made readily available for all Women. She did this with the Qi beauty Home Kit; a ready-to-use DIY treatment that guaranteed results, affordability, and sustainability. Since it's first appearance on shelves in 2006, the Home Kit has been taken into the homes of Women around the world. 

The success of the Home Kit led to the creation of the Qi beauty Facial Treatment in 2008. The facial offers a Spa experience following the same principles of Qi, honest and organically initiated skin repair. A boutique range of Natural and Made with Organic products were gradually created to accompany the Facial Treatment and to offer women the same support for skin health at home.

The gold plated Qi Micro-Magnets are the thread connecting Qi beauty's home-care and Spa treatments. 

The Qi micro-magnets are the core element used to stimulate biological recovery (anti-aging) processes. It is a treatment that combines Eastern and Western practices, artfully threading our modern knowledge into traditional practices to give a treatment that preserves health, and stimulates beauty (our life-energy, qi). 

The gauss of Qi beauty's Micro-Magnets can be no more or no less than they are, they have been made to trigger the Natural Healing Response without compromising skin health.

Qi beauty has been the go-to for women around the world for over 10 years. As we become more aware of our own energy, our own qi, it feels natural to stimulate our inner qi for skin health and positive aging.