What is Qi beauty?

Qi beauty is a Skin Care system designed by Kathy Pedersen in 2006, it works with the Quantum effects of skin and the way we age.  The Theory of Qi beauty is based on the fact that we know cells are able to repair themselves; with age and the natural loss of the ability to repair, with stimulation we are able to trigger the cellular activity needed for biological, natural repair. 

How does it work? 

The Qi beauty Micro-Magnets have been designed to be gauss specific; to work with the natural pH of skin, to stimulate without causing irritation. Upon application, the micro magnets create a Matrix, a unique design based on presenting skin conditions and client needs, the Matrix creates a static magnetic field below the surface of the skin to trigger cellular activity. 

Qi beauty is a combination of Ultrasonic + Microcurrent + Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation.

It is applied topically, however works below the surface to increase skin permeability, cellular activity and the repair potential of skin. 

What are the treatment options? 

The Qi beauty Facial Treatment is a Spa or Clinic treatment performed by a Qi beauty Practitioner.

During the Qi beauty Facial Treatment 1000 Qi gold-plated micro-magnets are applied in sequence to target specific needs and skin concerns. 

The Qi beauty Facial Treatment can be combined with Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent treatment, Ultrasonic, or post Laser or Chemical Peel to assist skin recovery and healing. 

The Home Kit is a DIY system suitable for all ages that can be used on-the-go. The Home Kit uses the same Gauss-specific Micro-Magnets to specifically target areas to boost natural volume. The Home Kit is a miniature version of the Facial Treatment to trigger the same repair process. 

Is it affordable?

Qi beauty is for long term, sustainable age-control. To make this possible for all women, one Qi beauty at-home treatment only costs $1.90, and each home Kit contains approximately 52 treatments (with a few patches to spare).  So thats a three month Qi beauty Home Kit for RRP $95.

Certified 'Made with Organics'

Switching to natural and organic skin care is not only good for your skin, but for your overall health, too. You will notice that within a few days and up to a month of switching to natural and organic formulas your skin will be detoxing. You might notice a few breakouts or other changes in your skin while your skin adjust to the new ingredients.  It’s not uncommon for skin 'types' to change over this time, as skin becomes more balanced from deeper dermal layers.

This is ok, because all of Qi beauty’s natural and certified Made with Organic products are designed to restore balance to skin with medicinal, herbal and botanical extracts.  We know skin changes day-to-day, hormonal skin conditions or seasonal skin, so even if your skin condition changes, your Qi beauty products will work harmoniously to restore balance. 


How will I know if it's working?

Qi beauty works for everyone, because we all have these energy channels flowing through our body. Some people may respond faster to Qi beauty treatments than other people, and every experience is different with Qi. If you would like a personalised Home Kit or Age-Control Program, speak to a Qi beauty Age-Control Coach today.

The points are on facial ‘meridians’,  which are channels of energy below the surface of the skin. These channels are fluid, flowing pathways, when you apply a Qi micro magnet to the point as shown on the face map, you are on, or near, the meridian. The 12 point matrix connects the meridians to stimulate the energy flow, naturally bringing Qi to the face, for natural health and skin recovery.

The Qi beauty Home Kit  

The Qi beauty Home Kit begins with the 12 point face map designed to stimulate, activate and trigger the natural healing response. Skin will continue to respond to the Home Kit 6 months, a year, or 10 years later. Skin benefits from change the same way our body does in exercise. After 6 months, changing your routine will work different muscles, and ensure you are continually conditioning your body (skin). There are additional matrix points to use to target different skin conditions,  lift specific areas (like the brow, eyes, or nasolabial line) assist detoxification (with the Qi detox matrix) or boost Qi for lift (with the Qi lip lift matrix).