What is 'Qi'?

Qi (Chi or Chee ) is the vital energy that flows through the body.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has been treating Qi for centuries with acupuncture, chinese herbs, and other practices. You’re probably already aware of your Qi – Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, all work with Qi to balance, restore energy and harmonise the body and mind. Qi beauty works with the skin Qi, to bring the natural energy, vitality and health to the skin with different methods; The Home Kit, Custom Age-control programs, and Qi beauty Facial Treatments.  With the different methods, Qi beauty ‘activates’ your skin Qi.

Which method is the best?

The Qi beauty Facial Treatment is performed by a Qi beauty practitioner in a clinic or spa. The results are immediate and the facial ‘glow’ lasts for about 2 weeks, but the long term effects on the skin are immeasurable. The Home Kit, is for DIY at home age-control. One Home Kit contains 52 treatments (following the 12 point matrix) and lasts an average of 3 months.

Is it affordable?

Qi beauty is for long term, sustainable age-control. To make this possible for all women, one Qi beauty at-home treatment only costs $1.90, and each home Kit contains approximately 52 treatments (with a few patches to spare).  So thats a three month Qi beauty Home Kit for RRP $95.

Certified 'Made with Organics'

Switching to natural and organic skin care is not only good for your skin, but for your overall health, too. You will notice that within a few days and up to a month of switching to natural and organic formulas your skin will be detoxing. You might notice a few breakouts or other changes in your skin while your skin adjust to the new ingredients.  It’s not uncommon for skin 'types' to change over this time, as skin becomes more balanced from deeper dermal layers.

This is ok, because all of Qi beauty’s natural and made with organics products are designed for balance, not specific skin types. Your Qi beauty clarity contains the essential elements to balance dehydration, excess oil production, dryness, or congestion with Australian bush flowers, essential oils and medicinal compounds. So even if your skin type changes, your Qi beauty products will still be the best for your skin.


What is 'DIY'?

Your Home Kit comes with the Qi beauty 12 point matrix, a tested matrix that promises to deliver noticeable results and sustainable age-control.  Apply your Qi micro-magnets to the skin following the instructions with the magnet touching the skin, and adhesive patch holding it to the skin. You can use the Home Kit overnight while you sleep, or during the day whilst you’re doing laundry or on a netflix binge.

Why are there 12 points?

These are the 12 best points for long term facial rejuvenation, tested by Qi beauty founder Kathy Pedersen.  They are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture facial rejuvenation, while a acupuncture facial treatment uses X needles on the face to re-direct energy flow upwards to tighten, lift and stimulate healthy skin function, the QI beauty Home Kit uses only 12. The results are noticeable, and provide sustainable, long-term results.

How will I know if it's working?

Qi beauty works for everyone, because we all have these energy channels flowing through our body. Some people may respond faster to Qi beauty treatments than other people, and every experience is different with Qi. If you would like a personalised Home Kit or Age-Control Program, speak to a Qi beauty Age-Control Coach today.

The points are on facial ‘meridians’,  which are channels of energy below the surface of the skin. These channels are fluid, flowing pathways, when you apply a Qi micro magnet to the point as shown on the face map, you are on, or near, the meridian. The 12 point matrix connects the meridians to stimulate the energy flow, naturally bringing Qi to the face, for natural health and skin recovery.

Why should I have the Home Kit Customised? 

The Qi beauty Home Kit begins with the 12 point face map designed to stimulate, activate and trigger the natural healing response. Skin will continue to respond to the Home Kit 6 months, a year, or 10 years later. Skin benefits from change the same way our body does in exercise. After 6 months, changing your routine will work different muscles, and ensure you are continually conditioning your body (skin). There are additional matrix points to use to target different skin conditions,  lift specific areas (like the brow, eyes, or nasolabial line) assist detoxification (with the Qi detox matrix) or boost Qi for lift (with the Qi lip lift matrix).