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Qi beauty Facial Treatment uses controlled High Gradient Static magnetic fields to stimulate the natural recovery potential of skin. Precision positioning of the Qi beauty Matrix can be used to assist the movement of natural dermal fluids to where they need to be for the best anti-ageing, pro-recovery results. 

Qi beauty assists strengthening the skin barrier to reduce TEWL, improve the environment of microbiota for healthy skin flora, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the tone and complexion of skin. 

Customised treatments with a certified Qi beauty Practitioner can target volume loss, diminished collagen and elastin, and work with facial landscape for contouring treatments. 

Qi beauty is suitable for congested skin, oily skin and sensitive skin, offering restorative and balancing properties. 

"The results are amazing! Dark circles around my eyes were diminished, complexion more even, redness around my nose was gone! They even have home kits so you can do it yourself over night. I love, love it! and can't wait for the next!"  - B 

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Qi beauty's gold-plated micro-magnets are gauss specific to stimulate natural sub-dermal fluids, balance pH, and Improve the skin flora. 


Customised Face Mapping works with your facial features to balance, sculpt and enhance your natural beauty.


Boost intrinsic compounds to define facial features, reduce heavy jowls, lift the brow,  reduce facial sag and the loss of volume


Direct the movement of natural compounds to where they need to be for the best anti-aging results.


Your treatment is customised every time, as no two faces are ever the same - neither are the Facials. Your Face map is based on your facial lines; landscape, loss of volume, signs of ageing and premature ageing.

Customised skin care for personal results 

Your treatment does not stop at the end of your facial. Once Qi is activated your skin will forever be more energetic, and vibrant. You will instantly notice an improvement in your skin. The Facial Treatment works on skin tone, overall complexion, volume, hydration and elasticity. Your personalised face map will target lines and wrinkles, and individual concerns.