The Facial  

"Choose who you are, choose how you age" 



The Facial Treatment is a deeply relaxing experience, often encouraging peaceful meditation as magnets are laced over facial meridians. 


Your treatment is customised every time, as no two faces are ever the same - neither are the Facials. Your Face map is based on your facial lines; landscape, loss of volume, signs of ageing and premature ageing,

 You will thank yourself in 10 years time





Qi beauty's gold-plated micro-magnets are gauss specific to stimulate skin and natural sub dermal fluids. The stimulation of the Qi micro-magnets encourages fluids from deep within the skin to move upwards and assist repair.


"Your skin care should be as unique as you."

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Your treatment does not stop at the end of your facial. Once Qi is activated your skin will forever be more energetic, and vibrant. You will instantly notice an improvement in your skin. The Facial Treatment works on skin tone, overall complexion, volume, hydration and elasticity. Your personalised face map will target lines and wrinkles, and individual concerns. 

After one treatment skin appears brighter, complexion is clearer, redness is diminished (due to the vaso-normative effect), volume is increased and there is a decrease in the depth of lines.


Qi beauty is designed for long-term anti-aging, with a focus on sustainability and adaptability.