Express Qi



Express Methods

Qi beauty Express

  • Apply patches to clean, dry skin following express face map

  • Leave for 30-40 minutes

  •  Remove patches and apply make up as usual 

Use the Home Kit to Sculpt and Define your features for a natural (confidence)boost.

Qi beauty Express in as little as 30 minutes

  • Volume

  • Lift

  • Contour & Define 

  • Lip Lift 

  • Eye Lift 

  • Full Face


Following your customised Qi beauty Face Map, use TWO patches on each point indicated.

You determine when and for how long you use the Home Kit. Target skin elasticity, pigmentation, fine lines, loss of volume, bounce and skin vitality.

Natural. Instant.

Give your skin a kick-start

The skin stimulating Qi micro-patches are effective immediately. Apply Qi Peptide Serum (or your best skin are product) sparingly over the entire face with fingertips.

The Qi micro-patches have a dual effect on skin function

  • Increase skin permeability, thereby increasing the performance of your best skin care products

  • Facilitate the rise of sub-dermal nutrients (collagen) Col-1, Col-7 & elastin to the skin surface