ActiV88 Skin Serums

ActiV88 Serums have been designed to target specific skin concerns; hydration + texture, tone + pigmentation, fine lines around the eyes, and facial volume + skin bounce.

Qi beauty serum range features active compounds that studies have shown to visibly improve the appearance and also influence the function of skin. 

Small Batch boutique Skincare allows us to formulate luxurious serums with hand selected Peptides and Active Compounds to create 4 unique serums each targeting different skin concerns. 

Every product has been tested to work harmoniously with the Qi beauty Home Kit. The Home Kit increases skin permeability, meaning your products are able to work harder for the best results. 

Featured Ingredients 

Anti-Age Serum 

With DMAE.ea + CoQ10 + Matrixyl3000 + Heptapeptide to Restore facial volume, stimulate muscle tone and reduce the depth, and surface area of wrinkles.  

Hydrate Serum

With Hyaluronic Acid + Silk Amino Acid + Siberian Ginseng for Severe dehydration, inability to retain moisture and sensitive skin.

Fade Serum

With Bearberry Extract + Vitamin E + Pomegranate Extract to even skin tone, reduce signs of pigmentation and give skin a bright complexion

Qi beauty eye serum.jpg

Eye Serum

With Coffee Bean Extract + Cucumber Extract + Green Tea Extract to Restore loss of elasticity to delicate skin, target fine lines and puffy eyes