ActiV88 SKIN Serums.

Four unique formulas possessing hand selected ingredients to target the top priorities to boost the appearance of skin.


hydration + texture

/ hydrate serum with pearl peptide + silk amino acid + Siberian Ginseng.


tone + pigmentation


fade serum Herbal formula with bearberry extract + vitamin E + liquorice + pomegranate



Serums offer deeper skin penetration with a light-weight formula designed to access skin further than a cream or moisturiser. The molecular structure of the ingredients in Qi beauty Serums are designed to work within deeper skin layers to make a difference to the way your skin looks, behaves and performs.

Serum offer a new dimension of care to your skin rituals. Integrate One or All of the Ritual.

Apply your conditioning product in order of their molecular structure. Light - Heavy

  1. cleanse - Clarity cleanser - 125ml

  2. Spritz with a hydrating facial mist - Qi beauty Spritz - 125ml

  3. Serum and allow to absorb - Qi beauty ActiV88 - 30ml

  4. oil - Qi beauty intense - 15ml

  5. moisturiser - Nourish and Day - 60ml

Every product has been tested to work harmoniously with the Home Kit. The Home Kit increases skin permeability, meaning you get more out of your best products, because your skin performs better.


facial tissue elasticity + collagen formation

/anti-age serum with hyaluronic acid+ DMAE.ea + matrixyl3000 + heptapeptide + CoQ10


de-puff + reduce fine lines

/eye serum with coffee bean + heptapeptide + cucumber + green tea