“Ageing is energy loss, Qi beauty is energy renewal”

— Kathy Pedersen, Creator And Founder Of Qi Beauty International


We Can Change Our Skin

Qi beauty is looking to the future of skin; health and recovery potential, and accumulative results. Qi beauty is the first skin treatment to use Static Magnetic Fields and Varying Magnetic Gradients for health and aesthetic.

Kathy Pedersen is the creator of Qi beauty. Her passion and commitment to sustainable skincare, age-control and wholistic anti-ageing created a system that delivers accumulative results, and health to skin. Kathy believes everyone should have the power to change their skin, and control the way they age. The Home Kit is a tool used at home to make accumulative skin care and skin recovery accessible.

Qi beauty is a system that delivers energy to cells for optimal skin performance, recovery and health. We believe skin can recover at every age, provided it has the energy it needs. Qi beauty Home Kit, Australian Made Skincare products and the signature Qi beauty Facial Treatments are a combination of Japanese and Chinese acupuncture points and facial meridians, quantum skin principles and controlled magnetic gradients to deliver the energy skin needs to recover health. Qi beauty is the treatment for women who are passionate about the relationship between health and beauty, energy and the longevity of choices in how we age.


After having a Qi Beauty facial yesterday personalised to Acne and congested skin, all I can say is WOW! The impurities have never come out of my skin so easily, there is no redness or breakouts and my skin feels lighter and fresher. The cystic spots appear to be reducing and are no longer painful. I couldn't be happier with the result. Thank you so much for a truly spectacular product and I cannot wait for my next facial x x x

Tamara McPhan, Gold Coast, Australia.

Qi beauty and Acne.

Qi beauty creates space between lipids to allow movement within the extracellular matrix. When skin is damaged (TEWL, skin qi deficiency, dysbiosis, an impaired skin barrier) oils, sebum and skin secretions accumulate around the hair follicle. The build up of secretions and stiffening within skin causes congestion, and breakouts. By creating space, we are able to naturally decongest skin organically and move the secretions out through natural channels.

"In health, our quest for quality of life and vitality - that is energy, is everything. As we age, the diminishing ability to repair signals the loss of energy to do so."

- Kathy Pedersen, Founder Qi beauty International 


About Kathy Pedersen

The relationship between the bio-electric system and skin is the foundations of Kathy’s internationally accredited course, Qi beauty Intensive Training, Advanced Training, Master Training and Trainer Courses, available in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Kathy is an International Speaker, Certified Trainer, and Business Mentor, specialising in the relationship between skin health, the Bio-electic system and High Gradient Static Magnetic Fields in aesthetic Application. Kathy has presented Qi beauty in aesthetics at conferences around Australia and New Zealand.