The Products

Qi beauty offers simple, effective products made from Natural and Organic ingredients. The formulations target skin imbalances to restore vitality, naturally assist repair, and nourish skin for health. Medicinal botanicals, active ingredients, and a natural vegetable derived preservatives lay the foundations for Qi beauty's ionic skin care range. 

The aroma of each  product is unique, naturally scented from the botanicals and natural ingredients used, to maintain the simple aesthetic that is Qi. 

ActiV88 is a range of serums that were originally designed for menopausal skin; severe dehydration, loss of elasticity, and dull, lifeless skin. The development of Bio-Synthetic Active Ingredients with the ability to penetrate deeper into skin layers (Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixes 3000, DMAE.ea) signalled a greater opportunity for natural skin repair. 

"There is nothing superfluous about Qi beauty... We offer the fundamentals of skin care for sustainability, skin health, and beauty." 

All the products are designed to work harmoniously with the DIY Home Kit for optimal, simple skin care.