Based on the philosophy of Japanese Acupuncture.

And the quantum effects of Static Magnetic Fields.The Qi beauty Home Kit restores energy.

The Qi Home Kit is based on Chinese and Japanese acupuncture points and facial meridians.

The 3 essential Face Matrix to restore energy to skin; Anti-Age, Eye Lift and Lip Lift.

The Qi Home Kit is ageless, providing homeostasis for stressed, inflamed and break-out prone skin, and supporting the energy to lift menopausal skin. 

Tired, stagnant, qi deficient skin is energized with the Qi Home Kit.

We will design a pro-recovery or Aesthetic face Matrix, personalised for you.

Enhance the performance of your skin to enhance the performance of your best skincare products.


After using the Home Kit for 2 weeks. Skin is Oxygenated for Pro-Recovery Health.