Based on the quantum effects of Static Magnetic Fields and the philosophy of Japanese Acupuncture.

“Ageing is energy loss, Qi beauty is energy renewal.”

- Kathy Pedersen, Creator and CEO Qi beauty International

We access the meridian system using the conductivity of skin and techniques to decongest and excite energetic potential of cells to repair skin. The relationship between Qi (energy), blood, inflammation and stress, determines skin health. The regulation of qi circulation regulates everything else - blood flow, sebum production, water accumulation, and faulty cellular activity.


After using the Home Kit for 2 weeks. Skin is Oxygenated for Pro-Recovery Health.

Your most advanced beauty product.


Thermal images show an increase in skin kinetics after use of the Qi beauty Home Kit.

Use your best skincare product with the Qi beauty Home Kit. Studies Show a controlled SMF increased blood flow and skin Kinetics, meaning what you choose to use will work better with Qi.

One Home Kit will deliver 50 treatments following the 12 point Anti-Age Matrix.