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Qi beauty re-connects the energy skin needs for vitality, health and wellbeing

Qi (Chi) is the energy that is vital to life, and has been used by Acupuncturists for over 3000 years to restore health. By activating Qi meridian pathways, the body can be balanced and repaired. By activating Qi around the face using our clinically tested treatments, not only is skin repaired but volume is restored to lift and define the entire face, much like a cosmetic facelift treatment.

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Low skin Qi – Cause and Effect

Stress, illness, smoking, sun damage, cosmetic contaminants, poor diet, environmental toxins and invasive beauty treatments result in low skin Qi. Low skin Qi speeds the ageing process and can contribute to skin conditions such as broken capillaries, fine lines, sensitive skin, breakouts and dehydrated skin. Facial zones with greatest deficiencies can be seen …

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Qi beauty Home Kits

The Qi Beauty Home Kits can be used to activate Qi if you are not able to see a trained Practitioner and would like to begin an anti-ageing routine that will not damage your skin. In-house Case Studies using the Qi beauty Home Kit have resulted in a way to stimulate Qi for continuous age-control. The Kits are designed to help activate and restore Qi so that skin looks alive, fresh, healthy, clear and smooth ….

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